The Taming of the Shrew

Here we see a wild Hyneman in its natural environment. – Mythbusters

It’s always rewarding to know that your hard work and bug bites, pine needle scratches, sunburns, blood, sweat, and tears are not for naught when setting up trail cams in hard-to-access locations.

We recently took a trip up to SUU’s Mountain Center, located at 8800 E. State Hwy 14, just past mile marker 11.

It was a gorgeous day to be outside on that fair-weathered Wednesday afternoon.

We thought this might be a good place to test run the shrew hair snare/ track station prototypes and see if we were able to get any data.

We took 9 shrew traps with us to set up in the meadow, forest, or by the creek. The pink string we attached as a precaution so thieving raccoons wouldn’t run away with our traps!

Each shrew trap was baited with small chunks of raw ground beef and the edges were sprayed with a layer of soot to capture tracks. Nine shrew traps were set out around the area, 3 of each varying kind of adhesive: lint roller, packaging, and duct tape.

That little lump inside each tube is the raw ground beef. Not too much, or else we’d end up attracting flies.

Three distinct patches were picked: a grassy meadow, a forested area, and a flat, rocky area nearby the creek. In each area, we placed one of each type of varying adhesive shrew trap. Browning trail cams were then set up in each patch. Two of these cameras focused on individual traps, while the last one was set to focus on the entire patch. Each camera was fitted the way it will be when we place them at Summit Mountain Resort–locked in a CAMLOCKbox and protected by the Python Master Lock Cord.

When finished set up, all our cameras will look like this: protected and rugged against the elements of nature!

The trail cams were mounted to record the activity of the shrew traps and thus tell us if we needed to make any modifications to the trap itself. In addition, this was a great test run for the cameras themselves as we would be able to clearly see the diameter the camera was able to record and make changes as needed to the position of the camera.

Below, we’ve shared a few videos of what our cameras recorded during that 5 day period.

Unfortunately, no ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens, or other supernatural beings were captured from the 240 videos we collected. But we have not lost hope! Who knows what sneaky secrets our universe hides?

Until then, enjoy these videos about squirrels and mice taking a peek inside the traps! And if you want to see more footage, make sure to follow our YouTube Channel as well!


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