Silent Film series: More to Come?

Wait, what’s that sound? – The Adventures of Sir Mortimer

With our trail cams, we often get a lot of cool footage about different animals who live in the area. We have lately been angling our cameras downward to focus on the little woodland critters, mammals like mice and chipmunks and squirrels.

Specifically, we found we had enough footage of a particular mouse to do something with it.

At first, we considered simply creating another video montage with the mouse. But then we had another idea. A brilliant idea. What if we created a Silent Film?

It was perfect! All of our footage was in black and white due to the time the mouse came by. We even had some extra footage of a dastardly villain!

The only problem was we had no idea how to go about creating a silent film. So we left it to Demi to research and figure out how to put the thing together.

2 programs, several forums, a few downloads, and a couple of days later, Demi had cracked the mystery behind the era of great silent films. And so, “The Adventures of Sir Mortimer” was born (you can thank Andrew for the mouse’s name)!

For a first-timer learning everything from scratch, we think she did a mighty fine job. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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