I Spy With My Little Eye. . . An Undergrad?

No Watson, that was not done by accident, but by design. – Sherlock Holmes

It’s constantly a bustle of activity here at the Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History. What, do you think they pay us undergrads for just sitting around? They don’t. Really. Please don’t tell our boss.

While we were rummaging through the contents of the SD cards in some of our trail cams, watching the recorded footage from the days we left them out at Summit Mountain Lodge, we found some interesting pictures we thought we would share with you all. Earlier in the summer, when the trail cams first arrived shiny and new in expensive looking boxes, we toyed around and placed 2 of them in our main display, next to a mountain goat and within one of the trees. Perhaps you remember from our post? Now, it totally made sense. Our main display is full of taxidermied big game animals so having the trail cams there just added to the aesthetic.

The key here was the cameras were on. But of course the other employees and the visitors didn’t know that. And come to think of it, the cleaning crew probably didn’t know that either. This helped us figure out original framing, features, and really it was pretty fun to see what people would do when they thought no one was watching.

Discussing it with Andrew, we thought of this as an elaborate and sophisticated network of spy cams where we could watch the museum assistants in their deepest, darkest moments. But as it turns out, it really wasn’t at all that exciting as we sat in the back office flicking through picture after picture of unaware passerby and chucking popcorn at each other.

At any rate, we also found that the cameras snapped pictures of us while we were setting them up. And by we, I really mean me (Demi) because let’s be honest, if someone is going to get coerced into the display it’s going to be the smallest researcher.

The cameras have a delay feature of 30 seconds. That means that we have 30 seconds from the moment we turn the camera on to finish strapping it to its surroundings and get the heck away from there before it starts recording or snapping pictures. But of course since we had to set the cameras up one at a time and because we had never done this before and essentially had no idea what we were doing, it took us a good half hour to find a good location and set up the cameras. When Demi had finished setting up the first trail cam and we had moved on to the second one, the first one was busy snapping away photos of us as she stumbled through the display.

1043:060815:77F:CAMMIE    :6
There’s my hand. . .
1044:060815:77F:CAMMIE    :6
Swiper no swiping!
1044:060815:77F:CAMMIE    :6
1044:060815:77F:CAMMIE    :6
Look at him observing me.

Yes, we named our camera Cammie.

You would think you would see more of our smallest researcher but with the position of the camera you mainly see Andrew as he tries to help me figure out where to place the second camera.

1049:060815:74F:CAMMIE    :6
“You’re doing it wrong, what is this, amateur hour?”

But eventually, even the bravest among us need to climb out of the display. That should have been easy. . . except that our smallest researcher is really small. Like 5′. And the safety glass that separates the display from the public is a good 3 and half feet.

1050:060815:77F:CAMMIE    :6

With both Cammie and Cameron set up, we found the following footage to share with you. Unfortunately Cameron did not record any note-worthy videos to share, but we hope you’ll get a laugh out of some of the antics Cammie caught.

When your screen door has a slit

1202:060815:65F:CAMMIE    :6
“Mosquitoes have the nerve. . . the audacity. . . the unmitigated gall. . .”
1202:060815:65F:CAMMIE    :6
“. . . to come into my home. . . where I pay the bills. . .”
1202:060815:65F:CAMMIE    :6
“. . . and suck the blood out of my veins. . . veins I’ve had for 47 years. . . on my daughter’s wedding day. . .”

When your friends don’t believe you’ve been banned from all-you-can eat buffets

1427:060815:65F:CAMMIE    :6
“The plates were THIS big.”

Making a joke and not getting it until 5 minutes later

1257:061015:65F:CAMMIE    :6
“I see. . .”
1257:061015:65F:CAMMIE    :6
“. . . what you. . .”
1258:061015:65F:CAMMIE    :6
“. . . did there.”

When your teacher assigns an assignment and says, “This isn’t something you can do overnight.”

1205:061015:63F:CAMMIE    :6
“You underestimate my abilities.”

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