About the Researchers

DR. JACKIE GRANT – Hi, I’m Jackie Grant, biology prof at Southern Utah University. I love to think about odd things such as shrews, rainwater harvesting, mammal tracking, and poisonous insects. In addition to teaching biology courses, I also run a small museum that features a two-headed calf. After arm wrestling with the female world arm wrestling champion, Lisa Wolfley, this summer at the Utah Summer Games, I am confident that I can manage this research crew.

DAMARIS PEREZ – Hi there, my name’s Demi. I’m an undergrad at SUU studying biology with an interest in microbiology and immunology. I’ve just finished my third year here and my summer is sure to be filled with all sorts of big cats! The research described in this blog was originally my idea, but I could not have brought this project to fruition without funding and the help and  of my awesome team members. As for personal goals, I’m shooting to get into Medical School in the next few years as the first generation in my family, assuming I don’t get carried away by a bobcat (or squirrel).

ANDREW CARLSON – Hi, I’m Andrew. I am a Biology major who transferred into SUU in the Spring of 2014. I am interested in going to grad school to study genetics. This summer I am working on a bunch of projects including a fungi project, a bug project, a genetics project, sorting through mammal bones, and the projects we will be talking about in this blog. I play a significant roll in organizing, creating, and implementing this blog’s projects as well as taking the majority of the lovely photos you will enjoy on this site.

ALLEL SWAINSTON – Hi, I am a Biology major at SUU.  I love spending time in the outdoors with my dog, Sumara, and my husband Mckay. My career plans include earning a Pharm D and being a pharmacist.


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